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Larry's Website

   What is about to follow, my website, is build more for the content rather then the artistic impression. If you wish to visit my old website , which has a more graphical appeal, follow the link at the top-right corner of this page. However be aware that the content of that site hasn't been updated in over seven years.

Me ::    Who am I? ... doesn't matter. What I did, do, and will be doing only counts. Here are some bits and pieces about myself for one to wonder.
Work ::    Personal projects, research and studies in astronomy, biology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence, robotics, information and computers, arts - you name it! Some say I have too much time in my hands - I say, time is relative :)
Vision ::    I dare to dream and create a vision of the future. Either care to analyse the present, the past and the unknown?
Latest News::    My latest project - UniMap (astro-photography plate solving and telescope control software) is now available for download.

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