... a little expensive...

     I love that FREEDOM ... and I 'm free but I found that there is a high "price" to pay for it. And I don't think there are that many willing to pay that " price", not even for a short while. Sure, almost anybody had that moments in their life when they would scream "Yes, I'm free", but what about that "real freedom" ?

Maybe, this isn't about actually beeing free. You can be free whenever you want (if you really want it) but at what "cost"? ... that is another story . Anyway, what is the meaning of this word "freedom"? And how important is beeing free? Am I ready to move my life in that direction? Isn't more comfortable to live in this casual sweet and common social soupe of life?

Free would mean not to be linked with anybody or anything. Have nothing to special, just step away - so that nobody depends on you and won't depend on anybody ... sounds pretty comfortable ... or is it? Well that mean that in return you will never have someone to close (by definition) no help or love ... maybe just a little empathy from these people who will call you a "Stranger". And yes, if you can live with that, than you can probably say "I 'm Free!". Sure, you must have a place in the society, somehow you must keep some connections oe otherwise your life could go easily in that direction named "isolation" and there is nothing funny about. The idea of freedom it's important for our ego but maybe not so far to deny your own existance. I think will rather enjoy life and people as I'm not sure I wanna be "That Stranger" forever. There so many possible "roads" and ideals to follow in life, but all of them are a little bit more expensive in a way or other. It all depends on how far you are willing to go and on how much you willing to pay for it, with your own life.