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Resume of Professional Experience


Larry Lart





Phone/Fax:                            Available upon request

Availability:                    Immediate


Resume of Qualifications


·          Highly self-motivated and goal-oriented creative professional with 12+ years of computing experience in software development, system administration and management.

·          Diverse business background, including – film, media, advertising, accounting, financial services, sales & distribution, telecommunications, training & development.

·          Strong knowledge of industry standards and specifications in software development, network management, e-commerce, communications.

·          International expertise in technical support, administration and consultancy with companies in more then ten countries around the world: Paris/France, Dublin/Ireland, Toronto/Canada, Madrid/Spain, Los Angeles/Usa, Madras/India, Kiev/Ukraine, Bielsko-Biala/Poland, Lisbon/Portugal, Stockholm/Sweden, Amsterdam/Holland etc.

·          Diverse technical experience:

o         8+ years combined in system administration/management and media/system development

o         4 years in electronic transactions and financial services

o         4+ years in Video/Film/Media industry. Strong basics in 2d/3d graphics design, animation software, multimedia interactive, special effects and hi-tech equipment

o         4+ years in web development

o         1 year in voice recognition/H323/telephony

o         2 years in network security software development for Unix TCP/IP and IPX/SPX Novell platforms




Most recent projects, either released, or into an advanced status of development:


·          X10Ping – Monitor and power cycle network devices

·          Power Button – Process manager for desktop applications with automatic software-hardware synchronization

·          CHORG – Adaptive control for robotic arms

·          wxOpenCv – Tutorial/demo application on how to integrate Intel’s OpenCv library with wxWidgets

·          uMouse – Application to make a video/web camera to work as a mouse

·          Simple Focus – Easy focusing tool for Meade telescopes series

·          RONN – EEG software to decode the spatial/temporal distribution of composite electrical signal


Note: You can check all of my projects, organized by field of interest, on my website in the work section or if you are only interested in I.T. click here.


Skills - Operating Systems/Networking/Security


UNIX  (11+ yrs)


·          Extensive knowledge and understanding of the various flavors of UNIX including: IRIX 5.2 - 6.4, Sun Solaris 2.x, HP-UX 8.x-9.x, Dec Ultrix 4.x, NetBSD, FreeBSD, AIX, Convex, OSF, Linux Suse 6.x - 7.1/Redhat 7.x  - Enterprise

·          System installation, configuration, tuning and patching, accounting, security, monitoring, performance analysis device drivers, kernel configuration & patching, policy and politics


·          Backup procedures (DAT 8mm,/4mm, DLT) and critical system recovery (FSCK, DISKEDIT)

·          Hardware maintenance


Windows  (8+ yrs)


·          Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT4.0 (Service pack 6)/200 Sever and Workstation/XP, Embedded Windows CE3.0 installation, configuration, patching and updates

·          FAT/FAT32/NTFS File system optimization and management

·          System tuning, security, debugging and networking

·          Software and packages deployment

·          MS Exchange, IIS, LM (License Manager), ODBC


MacOS 6 - 8.1  (3 yrs)  - System installation, configuration, updates, tuning, security, debugging and networking. Software deployment, configuration and tuning.

PC/M  (1.5 yrs) - System tuning, debugging and software deployment

VMS/VAX  (1 yrs) - System tuning, security, debugging and networking


NETWORKING  (5+ yrs)

·          DHCP, DNS, Wins, Sendmail, Mail Exchanger for domains, NFS, NIS(+),SLIP/PPP, HTTP, NNTP installation configuration and maintenance

·          Clustering, Load Balancing, ATM, SNMP, Hardware/Software Redundancy, Networking Design

·          Cisco/3Com routers, kernel routing and gateways

·          LAN/WAN implement and support for mixed networks Unix/Microsoft/MacOS, TCP/IP, AppleTalk

·          Novell Networks IPX/SPX administration configuration and security

·          HUBS, Switches, Repeaters, Frame Relay, Hardware Layer design, Cabling & connectivity, deployment and tuning, testing and debugging

SECURITY (5+ yrs)

·          Firewalls (Checkpoint 1, IP-Chains/Linux Kernel), Honey Pots

·          Large scale implementation and maintenance for SSH (Secure Shell), PKI/SSH, VPN, IPSEC

·          Satan, ISS, TCP/IP Monitoring

·          SSL/RSA implementation and support for large variety of e-commerce solutions

·          PGP and Digital Signatures

·          COPS (Audit Systems Security), Packet Filtering, Kerberos, Secure Terminals, Trojan Horses, CERT/SCC

·          Software licensing protection, hardware/software keys - designing, development, debugging and tuning



Skills - Programming/Databases/Industry/Hardware


C/C++  (14 yrs)


·          Design and development with MFC, COM, DCOM, STL, Active-X, wxWidgets, OpenCv, Sockets, DLLs, Multi-threading, Real-time apps

·          Microsoft Visual C++

·          Microsoft Embedded C++ for CE devices

·          GNU C/C++, X11, Motif, OpenGL

·          CYGWIN - porting application from Unix to MS Windows

·          Borland C, Watcom

·          Novell IPX/SPX network/security applications


PERL (10+ yrs) - CGI, Modules, MIME, POP3, SMTP, SSL, DBI

PHP (6 yrs) - CGI, PIM, Authetification and Encryption, DBI, SSL

Unix Shell Script (11+ yrs) - Integration with SH, (T)CSH and BASH

ASSEMBLER (3+ yrs) - Intel (x86) and MIPS (R4600, R10000) develop high speed graphic/network routines, security debugging and virus signature recognizer

PASCAL (3 yrs) - GUI (Graphical Interfaces). Real time, analytic design and development

JAVA  (1+ yrs) - End User/Client Interface design end development - AWT, Java Applets, Java Server Side J2EE: EJB 1.1, Servelets, JSPs

(V)BASIC (1 year) - Design and development Install Wizard, Active-X

HTML, WML, JavaScript (6+ yrs) - Design and develop interfaces with HTML 3+, DHTML, CSS, CGI, Flash, End user integration with JavaScript, WmlScript

XML/XSL (1 year) Design & Development, Xerces, Xalan, MSXML, XSLT, SSL, DOM, SAX 2, DTD design. Voxpilot DTD, Nuance DTD, GSL

UML (2 yrs) - Rational Enterprise Edition, System Architect, CaseWise


DATABASES:  (7+ yrs) - RDBMS, MySQL, Oracle 8.1.5, MSSQL, PL/SQL


SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT: - Perforce, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, CVS

HARDWARE/ELECTRONICS: - Computers (or related) Hardware configuration/settings, tuning, testing, wiring and assembling. Video Broadcast equipment tuning and configuration


KNOWLEDGE/INDUSTRY: Network/Software Security, Software Development, Web Development, Video/Film/Media Production, Publishing, Electronic Commerce

HARDWARE: Intel/Amd PC, Macintosh, Amiga, Sun, Convex, HP, SGI(Indy, Challenge, Indigo II, Octane), Next, IBM/RS600, Fujitsu MX3096X, iPaq, Umax/Mirage, AgfaStudio II, SummaSketch, Kurta, Watcom, WSD Accom, Abekas/A65/A60, Allix, BetaCam SP/Digital, Cisco, Dialogic, Aculab.


Work History - Permanent Positions


2001 – 2006      Senior System Administrator – ALPHYRA GROUP – Dublin/Ireland


INDUSTRY: Electronic Payment Systems - prepaid mobile top-up, credit & debit card processing, utility bill payment and money transfer.




·          Servers administration troubleshooting and maintenance working with RedHat Linux, AIX, Solaris

·          Support for Unix systems/networking, setup, troubleshooting and disaster recovery

·          Security, Logs monitoring

·          On call 24h support

·          Audit/review security procedures




·          Development in PHP, PERL, PL/SQL, C to interface with Oracle, MYSQL and MS SQL databases

·          Design and develop auditing tools for billing and transaction flow

·          Design new software tools to improve the work flow

·          Code optimization and documentation

·          Bug fixing and testing




·          Liaison, integration with business clients

·          Auditing quarterly/yearly transactional cash flow

·          Review specifications for new projects

·          Training junior people

·          Team leader

·          Support offices in France, Holland, Germany, UK, Sweden and Greece.

·          Implementation and maintenance of in internal knowledge system (documentation).

·          Risk analysis

·          Photographer for social gatherings organized by the company and the creator and maintainer of an internal social website


PROJECTS: Dynamic Currency Conversion, Migration of credit card payment systems from Aix/RS6000/V3 to Solaris/Sun cluster/ASX, Rehab lottery system integration, Stock Management System, SFR stock, sales integration, Bouygues telecom system, sales and stock integration, Relaish system and reports integration, Billpay-Eircom batch delivery integration, AIB system and batch delivery integration, PPC and CC sales report system, etc.



COMPUTERS: Intel Based Servers, RS6000, SUN cluster

OP. Systems:  Linux Redhat, Windows, AIX, Solaris



OTHER HARDWARE: Cisco, Hypercom, Ingenico, Trinitech


2000 – 2001      Senior Developer - VOXPILOT LTD. – Dublin/Ireland


INDUSTRY: IVR Speech Recognition, VoiceXML, SIP and Web technologies




·          Software development in PHP, PERL, PL/SQL, HTML/WML/XML/JS/C++ with Oracle database

·          VoiceXML integration with Nuance speech recognition system

·          Implementation of twelve powerful methods of encryption for our live system

·          Code optimization, documentation and UML design

·          Project management and mentoring




·          Network security administration (Firewall, SSH) and some administration/troubleshooting for RedHat Linux.

·          Part time support for Unix systems/networking and setup as required.


PROJECTS: Real-time logging server and desktop billing client in C++/MFC, Administration screens authentification and session handling, Menu System/Resources Integration, Clubs/Communities development and integrations, Recurrent Events/Reminders via email/SMS


COMPUTERS: Intel Based Penguin, Dell - Hardware: Dialogic/Aculab telephony cards

OP. Systems:  Linux Redhat/ Windows NT - Software: Nuance, RealSpeak, WebLogic, Apache, Perforce

PROGRAMMING: C/C++, VC++(MFC) PHP, Perl, PL/SQL, Xml/VoiceXml, JavaScript, HTML, WAP

DATABASE: Oracle 8.1.5


1996 – 2000   System Manager - DACODAC STUDIO S.R.L


INDUSTRY: Animation/Video/Film/Media Production Studio



·          Manage, design and implementation of the WAN network to link offices in France, Romania, Ukraine and India.

·          System auditing, performance tuning, and securing all production servers

·          Installation and configuration of Unix systems (Linux, SGI/IRIX, Sun/Solaris, HPUX), Windows (NT Server/WS, 9x), MacOS 7.x-8.x, mixed networks Unix/Mac/Microsoft, Firewall, Honey Pots, VPN, PKI/SSH, DNS, DHCP, Samba, MX(Mail Exchanger), Routers, Proxy/cashing servers, SSL certifications

·          Hardware configuration and some electronically troubleshooting

·          System/software level troubleshooting & bug fixes

·          Design, install and configure system wide backup strategy




·          Web/System development in PERL/JAVA/C/C++ with mySql database

·          Designed and developed application for film/animation and special effects

·          Develop interfaces for proprietary hardware devices and digital recording system



·          System and Project Management of over twenty feature/tv film productions

·          Offer cost effective analysis for the hardware, system and software required on every new production

·          Training and support with over 300 end users (in four different countries) and

·          Leading a team of five system administrators and coordinated system administrative procedures

·          Mentoring of System and Network Administrators


PROJECTS: Gui Management interface for MediaPegs software, Pegs to Avid converter, Rendering control and scheduling engine, Automated transfer of large file systems via email, Distributed rendering engine with automated centralized tape backup points. Click here for further details.



COMPUTERS: SGI (Indy/Challenge S/O2/Octane),IBM PC, Macintosh, Amiga;

SCANNERS: Fujitsu MX3096X, Umax/Mirage, AgfaStudio II;

GRAPHICS TABLES: SummaSketch, Kurta, Watcom;

DISKUS: WSD Accom, Abekas/A65/A60

V-LAN: Allix;


DESIGN/VIDEO: Pegs, Alias/WaveFront, Explore, Flint, Avid, Adobe Photoshop, 3DStudio4, Flash.

OP. SYSTEMS: IRIX 4.X/5.3/6.2/6.4, NT(Server/WS),Win(95/98), MacOS(7.5/8.1), Linux(Suse).


OTHER: X11, Motif, OpenGL, CGI/Perl, JavaScript, HTML.


1993 – 1996   Security Analyst - The AOSS & C.I.

INDUSTRY: Internet Security Services



·          Administration, security audit and configuration of Unix networks

·          Install and configure Firewalls/Honey Pots, PKI/SSH, SSL authentification engines, monitoring and intruder detection, DNS, DHCP, MX, Routers, Proxy/cashing servers.

·          Train operators to minimize the risks of propagation and intrusion




·          Design and develop security applications in order to prevent and solve a large area of problems generated by system intrusion in C/Assembler


PROJECTS: Intrusion detection with AI/Expert systems, Network Security Scanner, Graphical Network Session Monitoring



COMPUTERS:  SGI (Indy, Indigo, Challenge), SUN, HP, DEC, NEXT, SGI;


Other Software: Satan, ISS etc;

Languages:   C, C Shell, LISP, MOTIF, TCL;

Network Environment: TCP/IP, UDP, IPX/SPX (Novell)


Work History - Freelance


1999 - 2003         Consultant/Analyst - TERRAGLYPH PRODUCTIONS LTD – Dublin/Ireland - Future Film Production                                    

·          Windows 9x/NT WS, SGI/Indy, Next Unix and Macintosh network working with Amino, Pegs, Adobe, Avid, Maya software for feature film/animation

·          Network design and integration between different operating systems and software packages

·          Technical consultancy and system administration for media development


1997 – 2000      Consultant/Analyst - MILLIMAGES/NOVANIM – Paris/France - Animation/Film/Media Production


·          Install, configure and tune Windows 9x and Macintosh network running with NT server.

·          Design an improved communication system between all company divisions

·          Design and analyze new cost effective strategies in media-film industry


1997 – 2000      Consultant/Analyst - CASTEL FILM – TV Media Advertising Studio


·          Silicon Graphics (Indigo running Irix6.2 with Maya) and Macintosh running Stratosphere

·          Integration the new digital animation technologies and special effects for film industry - Flint2Pegs.


1998 – 2000  Consultant - IDENTITY DESIGN – Product Design and Advertising


·          Deploy and tune Silicon Graphics (Indigo/Indy) running Irix6.x and Flint

·          Provide and develop new solutions for the interaction between media/animation and TV advertising.


1998 – 2000     Consultant/Analyst - ANIMO-ARTIST – Animation Studio


·          Implementation of digital animation technology

·          Configuration and fine tuning line testing and video hardware equipment


1998 – 1998      Technical Support/Consultant - ART GROUP – Printing Facility


·          Install and configure Macintosh and NT Workstation mixed network running Adobe (most of their products) combined with CorelDraw

·          Responsible for high speed/optimal networking solutions networking and calibrating the film printer (LINOTRONIC) in standards

·          Consultancy for new hardware solutions on cost/performance




·          Artificial Intelligence - SOM (Self-Organizing Map in Natural Language Processing), Evolving Morphologies Based on Differential Gene Expansion (Genotypes DNA), Neural Networks Behavior in Correlation with Genetic Algorithms (development and papers scheduled to release late 2005).

·          Product Design/Development - Wearable Design and Applications, 3D Video Production Systems

·          Finance - Micro-payment Strategies

·          Robotics – Adaptive motion control hardware-software implementation. Study of niche markets for automation (sales and marketing)

·          Neuroscience – Neural systems behavior & EEG decoding

·          Microbiology – Unicellular organisms behavior, microphotography

·          Astronomy – Amateur astronomer – astrophotography of deep sky object (DSO)

·          Environment – Background real-time radiation monitoring

·          Other: Physics, Politics, Network Marketing and Sales.


Special Capabilities


·          I'm flexible and adaptable to any environment and easily assimilate any new technology

·          I have strong basics in the computer software, hardware, theory and development history

·          Highly sociable, a good team player, with good communication skills

·          Capable of assuming the responsibility of highly critical decisions and tasks

·          I have the initiative, energy and persistence to get the job done

·          I have a positive attitude toward change and learning - I'm ready at anytime to suggest new ideas to get the job done creatively

·          I have the recognition/respect for people 's diversity and individual differences.


EDUCATION    National College Vlaicu Voda, Automatica / P.U.B  University /Computer Science

LANGUAGES       English, Italian-French-Spanish (some)

REFERENCES  Available upon request



______THE END______


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