Few things about me
and photos ...

Larry - when I was just years old

        Here I'm ... from nowhere,
myself and my childhood innocence - with no problems at all, apart from fair curiosity,
enjoying that "strange life experience" happening all around me.
        Sometime, I just hate what "time"
does to us. Once evertything was so new and amazing now is just so "common".
But yet some things never change:)
     The SEA ... it was always and will be
forever The Best Friend of mine. I was so
happy then - like no one else it was before.
Just Me, The Sea, The Sun ... (and sure a
camera too). Then, I had got that feeling
like I'm home, like I was a part of that huge
water field and there was no one in this
world not eve trying to disturb my quite
Sea photo at dawn - and me enjoying it


A dream of freedom at Sf. Ana Lake

To be continued ...