My LooK
...To tHe WORLD...

Can we reduce ALL THINGS to that concept "Information" ?
Well - I'm not sure about that - but I will try to show you my ViewPoint anyway ...


       Please observe the difference between this two
concepts ... you can choose your way to go . Both sides
have got some special properties - doesn't matter if you
chose STRUCTURE or CHAOS ...


     CHAOS ... isn't that bad after all it is our past too ... and present(for future time) - true we can't follow or can't see it's representing that place from where all things/thinks are coming . Also to create a STRUCTURE you need to know what is that CHAOS idea.

Structure ? Well this seems to be that way where we are going too - like everything around us . Society is following this road too... we don't know where ? Than maybe will be better to analyze a little "The History of Life" because there are some interesting societies who can give us a good idea about our evolution in near future .

Maybe this is a THEORY ABOUT NOTHING but, I just need
this definition to create something ... even everything is so confuse .


Feelings ?
Difficult Adjustment ...

   Difficult isn't it ? Even we don't want this ...
we can live without feelings . Is there anybody
who wants to lose this advantage against the
machines & inferior life forms ? Me ... ? No
thanks ! I don't want to STOP my feelings ...
even I can do that - after all there are the only
things I really don't understand(or just don't
want to understand).
     What I'm trying to prove here ?... nothing
... just few points ... few ideas ...


What means computers
for The Art

    Are you looking for The Computer-Art ?
I don't know why they call it in this way, for me "the computer" for "the art" is nothing else then another kind of tool, like a pencil(in a way ... maybe not that simle/perfect). Anyway, there are good things & bad sides about this "tool" like any other one, even more there is a style for work and for look. There are different dynamics, is about an huge informational volume.
     Even, The Digital-Art-Work is so volatile and virtual, as far for me and maybe for many others, represents a good interface through the world. True, now there is pretty much chaos in the "digits" environment, but this will not be forever.
     Follow the link and you will find few details combined with some "link" information.

Thanks for your patience, anyway ...