The ARTNET Project

    That’s the way in which we define our era - Commercial and/or Informational.

. . .

    I am not against that commercial tendency, I just considerate it a normal way and I'm neither against new informational wave (especially when I’m involved directly in), but before those things become commercial stuff it was a piece of the "Arts". For sample a usual pen - at that time when was created it was a piece of art and too. And every thing made it to become commercial must be attractive and I believe that "good looking", even when will be duplicated in thousands of pieces, it’s created by an artist and it’s a piece or art too. So, there is the arts before commercial.

True, soon or later everything is about selling/buying, even the payment is done in feelings, but even that "commercial" is nothing else than a principle that we need to give dynamics our world. The arts need commercial, otherwise, without this possibility of show that stuff will stay forgotten somewhere in time & dust. Commercial also need the arts, specially lately, because without showing that "special/creative" face, everything will become flatten.

But, even there are defined "arts for commercial" or just the Arts. I still believe that "things" must not to be mixed that far. That is the reason I want to create/define a different informational structure for the arts. Both sides have different "dynamics", informational speaking, so there is no way to put them together. And after all the Arts deserve a specific place, clearly defined, away from commercial, otherwise, the brightens will pale.

. . .

    Now, thinking about the informational side, it’s a good thing that at this time we can finally communicate and access information all over the world in a matter of seconds. To the other side, sometime I got scared of this huge volume of information (and I believe I’m not the only one) and I feel many times my brain is about to crash under the pressure of processing of all that stuff. Many believe that we need some kind of interface directly connected to our brains to be capable to perceive in real time all this "stuff" or some one else think that maybe now our biological structure will suffer an instant evolution and in a matter of few years our brains structure will be dramatically changed in the way of perception of that new informational structure. I don’t really agree with this two theories, first because from what I know, our biological structure/evolution need about 10,000’s years or more to say "changed dramatically", even the environment tends to have a high dynamics, and there is no "interface" to help our brain processing speed, maybe just to provide the information in a way more directly, but this will not gonna help to much. I think, we must learn to perceive information in this "new way". At the first look is true, there is too much for a human kind to handle. But all this "stuff" is created by some other humans, then, I believe if we provide this information into the right way to our brains there will be no problem and everything will become clear and smooth. For sample there is a need to setup clearly the priorities of every piece of information we got, there is a need to make easily/fast the associations. We have to create in our brain one special department in order to provide/filter the information for storage/work with, in that way in which our brain is build for (talking about the neural concept).

But, it’s important also the "way" in which the information is provided. Sincerely, for now, out there is a lot of "chaos". If there are a couple of structures, there are thousands, and so, the efficiency of using the "system" is going down with every new information that is from nowhere and going nowhere. I know is nice, for anyone to have that possibility to came up with his own way, but over all must be one "universal standard", one "informational law" about how to provide the information to the system.

The easiest way to do that is to get an idea from how is working our society system in real to prevent the chaos. Sure, there is a need to do some adjustments because those to "worlds" are different, but I believe the basics are the same. I ‘m not saying to try cut off that possibility for anyone to interact with the system and leave just that looks to be special, I’m talking about to give for every piece of information the right place. For sample, if I want to publish something, the in the beginning my stuff will be posted in that place is referring for, and for this I have to follow a couple of rules. That must be more specifically/exactly then are now, and this in that way to not give that possibility to push in the structure random information. Even that is special, it must be follow the "road".