- detailed View -



            The project idea came up at the beginning of the year '98 - and to the 
        beginning of 2000 'll be ready to become reality . What I intend to develop 
        in/with this project ? In a way ... you can try to see this like a possibility to 
        redefine/think a wired informational system like how Internet it is . True is - 
        they already are few network systems but they are fragmented there is no 
        definition to put together all this info and in that way it 's kind of difficult to 
        make an easy overview over all that info .

            What about ? I'm working onto the  Internet  about 5 years ago and at 
        now ... sincerely , for it's nothing more than an "Informational Chaos" Yes I
        know maybe this sounds "little hard" but take a look  - what we have here 
        looks like a big town with many shops (many of this are little shops ) and  if 
        someone (a stranger suppose) is coming in the "Town" and wants
        to buy something (or just to notify) ,does he knows where to look first ?
        Well I'm not so sure about that . Maybe in reality things are different we 
        can not do anything we want to - but when we talk about "Information" in
        the actual digital shape I think we can do more that just to have a false 
        from the reality .
              I know there are some few "search engines" - many times search result 
         it's about few 1000 items .

              So long I'm working ,somehow, in "art" industry - what I'm talking here 
         its about an "ART NETWORK" - why ? well just see what we have here :

                               - we have an educational network                       .edu
                               - a governmental network                                  .gov
                               - a military network                                            .mil
                               - a COMMERCIAL network                            .com
                               - and an ART network                                         .art* 
                                 (not yet - soon I hope)

             See my point now ? It's also true the fact you can find "Art" in 
        all previous domains on the Net , but I think "ART" deserve a better place.
             Is art  or isn't a COMMERCIAL THING !?! In the beginning of creation 
         of anything about art it's "Just ART" ... who maybe latter 'll  become maybe

             Project Area of  Work

  •       All national or international Organizations they are actually working or
    even just supporting art development .
  •       Any commercial company ,televisions , studios ,museum ,show producers
    anyone who works with or for art and anyone who wants to develop this 
    stage of "Art before Commercial".
  •       Any person who can provide us or exchange ideas/oppinion .


     Note :      If you are into the project area and you want to be involved , than
                 fill the apply form as exactly as possible . For any other questions or
                 comments use contact page.

              The project structure.

                There are few elements are needed and some advantages who most
           be used right .I need the best proved mathematical theories to develop
          a very powerful informational structure . We have to use samples from
          our past experiences , we have to copy some facts from actual society
          we do that for our lives - why can we do that to the informational level ?
          Specially when we have that big advantage , named "Flexibility" . As
          you can see - this project last name 's "communication" , so we have
          to find that better ways to have a team . We have to draw an informational
          roads map between us . Anyway this points will be adjusted or even
          changed when I 'll have more points of view .Until then , this are first
          steps I have to do . 

                          - I will create a "A class" over the Internet named ".art". I 
          already had forwarded the request to the DNS Masters. In this class 
          will be  included , in different subfields (music , cartoons , cinema , 
          etc. ) all sites who have something to give about art.

                         - Second  , I 'll try to find everyone who may be interested to be a
          a part of this new network or who have/want to work for this project . I 'll
          make a contact with all companies , organizations and schools with an art
          orientation .All the answers 'll be stored into a private/public database ...
          depends on the request . At that point must be created that "wired" 
          communication system .

                         - Third , big point to touch 's to put all this information onto a
          structure . Yes , that it's a very important point to care about.What we need
           now is a Constitution ... an Informational Law. Well that means every
           information of any kind - coming on to this network/structure must respect
         and follow also that rules/law in that way anything who don't want to get
           a place or agree with that rules 'll go to the outlying district - in the same
           way how is happening in our social reality .

                   All this information's are necessary to get a very specific place in
           this new informational system - for what purpose? And why? Because of the
           huge volume of information today . So we have to redefine using even
           samples from our reality this huge and dynamic informational system - is not
           that easy when you try to change something already defined(somehow) , but,
           will be different if you have that opportunity to start from the beginning .