Astronomy Links

 Irish Sites: ::    
 Irish Astronomy Organizations:
IFAS ::    Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
IAS ::    Irish Astronomical Society
ILPAC ::    The Irish Light Polution Awareness Campaign - promoting awareness of light pollution and working to reduce bad lighting throught the country.
Astonomy Ireland ::    
IAA ::    Irish Astronomical Assoc.
SDAS ::    South Dublin Astronomical Society
 Disscution groups:
Digital Astro ::    Astrophotography with digital cameras (no webcams) - over 4000 members to date, great pictures and tons of messages.
LX90 ::    A group for Meade LX90 owners - your questions might find an answer here.
SAC-Imaging ::    A support group for SAC series of cameras.
DslrFocus ::    A support group for DslrFocus sofware - to help a better focusing with Canon DSLR series
Astroplanner ::    A support group for nice piece of software written in Visual Basic which also allows you to control and align your telescope.
RC Optical Systems Gallery ::    Take a deep breath and see some exceptional images with exceptional telescopes at exceptional prices.
Robert Gendler's Gallery ::    Using RC optics equipment, here are some great images by Robert Gendler probably one of the best astro-photographer around.
Panther Observatory ::    Another great astro-photographer, Johannes Schedler. He is using a more "affordable" equipment.

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