Larry's Astrophotography Gallery

   Some might say, why bother going through all that effort and expense to do something, which has already been done, and better. Well, in a way is more like a personal satisfaction to be able to image the galaxies and nebulas by your self. Even more since you won't be able to observer them directly with a small telescope or given our current light polluted skies. And who knows, someday you might get lucky and be the first to see a new supernova.
   My gallery is currently fairly small, as I am still learning and the weather wasn't really working for me lately. In the same time I like to persist on one object at the time, until I am happy that I've learn most of it and only then move to another. All the photos are taken under heavy light polluted skies and sometimes with heavy dew and wind - well, I am trying to make the best of the worst.

M42 - The Great Orion Nebula
Distance: 1600 ly
Magnitude: 4.0
Size: 85' x 60'
Constellation: Orion

M27 -The Dumbbell Nebula
Distance: 1.25 kly
Magnitude: 7.4
Size: 8.0x5.7 (arc min)
Constellation: Vulpecula

M57 -The Ring Nebula
Distance: 2,300 ly
Magnitude: 8.8
Size: 1.4x1.0 (arc min)
Constellation: Lyra

M81 - Bode's Galaxy
Distance: 12000 kly
Magnitude: 6.9
Size: 21 x 10 (arc min)
Constellation: Ursa Major

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy
Distance: 37 million ly
Magnitude: 8.4
Size: 11'x 7'
Constellation: Canes Venatici

NGC891 - Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda
Distance: 30 million ly
Magnitude: 10
Size: 13.5'
Constellation: Andromeda

M82 - Cigar Galaxy
Distance: 11.5 million ly
Magnitude: 9.3
Size: 11'.2 x 4'.3
Constellation: Ursa Major

M13 -The Hercules Globular Cluster
Distance: 22,800 ly
Magnitude: 5.9
Size: 16.6'
Constellation: Hercules

The Moon
Mean Distance: 384,400 km
Mean diameter: 3,476 km
Mass 7.349 x 1022 kg
Escape velocity 2.38 km/s

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