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Hardware & Software

   This is the hardware and the software I currently have for astronomy. I mostly use the Meade LX90 telescope with the equatorial wedge and the Canon 10d while the other cameras are being used for auto guiding or training my PEC. There are also many other accessories, focal reducers, eye pieces, heaters and dew buster control, etc. As for the software I still work mainly with the trio dslr focus, registax and photoshop but there is a long list of other tools I use for astrometry, guiding, etc. I could probably do better but I work on the idea that a good tool is the one that you get most out it.

Telescope: Meade / LX90
Camera: Canon 10d, Sac8
Mount: Meade Equatorial Wedge
Focuser: Meade #1205 Electric Focuser
Software: UniMap - astrophotography with automated star identification and integrated telescope/camera control

My Meade LX90 telescope back in summer 2003

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