(Low-Level Machine Code Vulnerability)

Low-level(Machine Code) arrangements and his vulnerability in time against the environment factors (including people).

     - Find the weakness points in the Machine Code structure/arrangement and complete a database system which is representing all the problems(holes) "founded" by different people in different ways.
     - Developed and implemented in the actual hardware/software technology an alternative way to solve this problem.
     - Developed a New System capable to solve all this problems into a better way.

Project Area of Work:

- Started on to the RISC(MIPS) processor, developed on IRIX(5.3-6.3) OS.
- Extended on all RISC technology and create a demo version for INTEL technology also.
- There are not any Commercial Computer Systems I know who are, possible, not involved.

   Note: I have to mention how come this specific project have a CLASSIFIED character, so any special details or demo linked with this project must have to be approved by me and I need also a commitment signed by YOU .