Telecope & Camera
Wireless Control

   Why wireless? Most certainly is not because I want to be in step with the "fashion". Rather to make things easier and convenient. For astrophotography it's a plus since being around your telescope will induce unwanted factors (such as vibrations). Also in winter time this might make you life easier if you can just control your scope from inside.
   My approach is based on a usb over tcp/ip hub, AnywhereUSB/5 by Inside Out Networks. With this and a Senao wireless access point I managed to control my Meade LX90 telescope as well as my Canon 10d in a range of 100m(through buildings) and over 200m in open field.
   A second step in the project is to integrate my Sac8 camera to give me a real time picture through the telescope viewfinder.
   I will be updating this page with pictures, diagrams and alternative solutions.

For remote software control check my latest project: UniMap

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