Larry's Work
Research & Projects

   What I could never do is just that, "do nothing". That is my definition of being dead. Nothing in this world will ever stop me from fulfilling my dreams. There is so much out there to discover that I will need to live ten thousand years to only get glimpse of it. This cannot by classified as a hobby, ever since I took these fields far beyond what one might call "relaxation". Nor this is directly linked to my carrier/job. It's more about my deep curiosity and need to find answers, understand and interact with everything that surrounds me.

Astronomy ::    A beautiful, majestic Universe, part of which we merely are, as much as a dust speck in a desert.
Automation & Robotics ::    Yes, machines, now a merely extension of our selves, a tool as such as a "smarter hammer". Here is my bit in trying to get these machines/robots become autonomous at various tasks.
Information & Computer science ::    Almost ignored the power of information was ... only now we are about to realize it's true value. Computers and the Internet after language are the first real pioneers for the future to come.
Radiation ::    Radiation could tell many stories and observing it could help us understand something which at first might look chaotic. This site provides real time background radiation monitoring and some research I do in this field.
Biology & Life ::    Life, a beautiful complex universe by itself. There are some fifteen trillion cells building an average human - one could only admire it's share complexity.
Neuroscience ::    A last, missing piece in a puzzle? We still seem to be far away in understanding the way we think and function. As far, I spent a lot of time to try answering these questions which otherwise will hunt me down right to the end.
Art ::    Now, if anything, art is a pure reflexion of creativity. And that, I think, I have plenty. I really enjoy from time to time sculpture, painting, digital arts. Even more, in many ways everything I do has an artisitic touch.


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