Automation of microscope analysis
robotic operations

   Analysis under the microscope can be a very daunting task sometimes. On the other and technology in automation and robotics has evolved enough these days to allow us to get faster and more precise results.
   My approach to implement this has been on two different flanks. First there was the hardware, an optical microscope fitted with seven servomotors, light controllers and two robotic arms used manipulate the samples. This is mostly done, apart for a second robotic arm with micron precision for which I might need sponsorship because this is beyond my mechanical abilities.
   The second component is of course the software. First there is one module which will control the hardware and a second which will do the actual analysis of the video stream which involves specialized algorithms to count cells, track micro-organisms, create pan high resolution views of the entire sample or scan in depth. Progress has been made here as well and as soon as I might get some time aside I will do some serious testing, and with a bit of luck release a beta version by the end of the year.

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