A Cell's Life

   The main purpose of this project is record the evolution and behaviour of various cells or unicellular organisms (such as ciliates/paramecium) over a life span. This brings in many challenges. First an environment (observation chamber) has to be create to allow the micro-organism to survive and also to be observed under the microscope. Second, based on the life span you have to automate the recording in such way to not interfere to much with the organism usual behaviour (by means of light or heat) . Third, you need to be able follow the evolution of the organism in it's environment and this requires to add automated servo-control and tracking to you microscope.
   With all this hardship and problems (and bad luck one might say) I encountered every since I started this project, I did manage to get some, at least half decent results. I am now working to build a better observation chamber for my subjects and hope that once I get this done there will be something worth to upload here.

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