I have a reasonable hardware setup at home. At the core I have two main servers. One is dual cpu with 4GB RAM and 1 Terra byte of disk space, mainly used as a file server, but I also boot windows time to time to test certain applications. The other, an old laptop, Pentium 700 Mhz, which runs as an internet server : proxy, web/apache, etc. Everything is on a local network at 100Mbits. I also have two high power WI-FI access points, one for mobile computing and the other to remote control my telescope, robots, sensors, etc. On top of that there are three workstations, one desktop and two portable. The desktop is mostly used for reading sensors, such as radiation, temperature, humidity and controling x10 devices and aother certain automation devices I have around the house. Well, this will give you an idea with what I work.

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