Information Technology
and Computer Science

   There is so much I can write about on this subject, after all this is for me both a profession and a hobby. I had been working on quite a few projects since I started in computers, unfortunately most of old ones are lost, either because of media failure or I just didn't care much at the time for multiple backups. Nevertheless, I am going to list here some of the most recent ones which are currently, either released or in an advanced status of development.

- computers, hardware, networking I use for development and other projects
  • NEW! UniMap - automated star identification for amateur astrophotography - telescope/camera control and a lot more...
  • Power Button - start/stop desktop applications and associated external hardware in one click
  • uMouse - control your mouse movements with a webcam
  • x10ping - desktop application to monitor and power cycle network devices
  • wxOpencv - sample of integration of opencv with wxwidgets
  • Simple Focus - tool for focusing Meade series telescopes
  • CHORG - visual adaptive control for robotic arms
  • RONN - analysis and bio-feedback with EEG
  • iPicLib - interactive picture libary with audio
  • Daftor - watch-dog windows software for property rental in Dublin
  • AppMon - application/process monitoring tool with keep-alive and notification futures
  • BankFetch - perl script/library to retreive localy your back account details. Works with AIB.
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