You might wonder, with some many pictures viewers around why bother to build yet another one? Well for a start I needed a tool, which will offer me the option to annotate images and/or certain area within an image or add audio annotations as well in order to allow to me have a semantic search. To summarise the functionality of this software:

  • image annotation, add notes in a form of words or sentences to a image or a groups images (album)
  • define areas within the image an also add annotations to them
  • add audio annotations from files or record one
  • semantic search of you image database
  • slideshows based on semantic relationship or randomly generated
  • add a sound track to your slideshows
  • create custom scripts for you slideshow
  • interactive slideshow, where you can
  • image recognition, face recognition
  • you can also use this software to train/generate Haar classifiers based on the areas defined in you pictures

    Most of this functionality has been tested already and it works. I hope soon to be able to release a beta version, and if you whish to be notified when that happens, send me an email at: i@larryo.org.

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