A Biped/Quadruped Robot

   For the moment this project is still on the paper. The idea of having a biped/quadruped robot is to be able to walk and climb and also be capable to execute certain tasks where robotic arms are required. Sure you can have other configurations for this but I found this to be the easiest to implement.
   The main challenges, I was thinking, for this kind of robot will be to work in groups for tasks like cleaning the environment or mining. I won't probably have the resources to realize such a big scale project however I will try to create simulation with one or two machines.
   Right now I am still trying to decide at what scale this will be built, it could be either a micro robot built on nano-muscles or a larger scale powered by servomotors or it ca be a mixture of the two. I need more time to be able to experiment and build simpler prototypes.
   I will update this page as soon as I will have a something finished.

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