Automation & Robotics

   We dreamed back in the 70's and 80's that by the year 2000 robots will swarm the place. Well, that didn't happen. There might be a few specialized robots down in the assembly lines but that's pretty much all we got.
   Even with recent leap in technology we witness, we still lack a few essential "ingredients" without which robots will not be of any use to us other then "a smarter electric hammer". One, the most important ingredient is "the brain". And faster computers won't solve the problem of making machines adaptable to the infinite randomness of the environment.
   Artificial Intelligence is the key answer to this problem. When A.I. will finally conclude then robots will follow immediately after. The second problem, with an easier future to predict, is better mechanics, engines and batteries (power sources) for mobile robots.
   Bellow you will find my share of research in this field. Stating with the hardware, I am either building or using, to the projects I work on and also some tips and links.
- robotic or automation equipment I build and use.
Research & Projects:
  • CHORG - Adaptive Robotic Arm Control - Harware/Software Platform
  • Nero - A Biped/Quadruped Robot
  • My First Robotic Arm (Hydraulic)
  • eCycle - A Knowledge Base Site(TWiki) to help reuse various electronics
  • Robotics Tips:
  • Oscilloscope analysis of noise induced in rc servo control/power signal
  • Joints counter balancing with springs
  • How to build a 4DOF gripper
  • Useful Links

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