uniMapObserver Profile, Hardware Setups And Observation Sites
(version 0.002 pre-alpha)

   To create the observer profile you need to go to Menu->Options->Observer - Here you will find several sections/tabs: profile - where you can setup you personal data name, photo, etc - this is intended partly for image tagging and in future as well for the online database. In the second tab Address you can setup your address which can also work as your default observation site - if no site is defined. The next tab Contact will set you contact information - phone, email, messenges/users - this at the moment does’t not have any use but in the future will be linked to both the image tagging and the online site. In Sites you can define various observing sites to be used for both instruments setup and image tagging. The last two tabs will manage your hardware/instruments - first Hardware will allow you to add all your astronomy related equipment: telescope, camera, etc. - and the second Setups will let you organize the hardware in purpose specific systems. Behind the observer profiling task I have implemented a database with most cameras, telescopes and related equipment.
User profile setting
Observer personal data
Define observing sites
observing sites
Add your hardware - camera, telescope, etc
hardware definition
Define you hardware setups for various purposes
equipment setup

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