Adaptive Robotic Control Software

   This software is currently under development soon to be released. It's written in c++ implemented with wxwidgets, which gives you the possibility to be easily ported on various platform (macos, linux, etc). The engine behind it is based on real time image processing using as a base OpenCv complemented by adaptive interpolation with neural networks and evolutionary genetic algorithms. The main futures of this version future are:

  • object tracking and recognition
  • OCR and bar code recognition
  • gives you the ability to program a task structured lexically
  • allows you to train various parameters involved in a task, such as object recognition and sensor calibration
  • gives you the ability to define your own robot configuration
  • interface with different rc servo controllers as well as stepper motors and DAC/ADC interfaces.

  • Click on the picture to view more details about CHORG robotic arm
    This is the robotic arm prototype I built as a test platform
    click on the picture for more details
       Currently, I am working to finish and release a beta version - unfortunately it took me more then expected due to high complexity. Details about the hardware platform (robotic arm) I used to develop and test this can be found here.

    CHORG software interface in the first stages of development.

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