Adaptive Robotic Control Platform

   The CHORG project consists in both a hardware and software platform both of them developed by myself. The main purpose of this project is to create a robot arm capable of adapting a task to randomness of the real environment. While the hardware's imperfections serve as good way measure the randomness the software purpose is to adapt that and allow it to successfully perform a certain task.
   The hardware was developed to provide me with a decent amount of sensorial feedback and degrees of freedom/mobility. I recently finished the second version with soon to move to a third version, which will bring in additional sensorial structural and improvements.    The software, currently under development soon to be released in beta version, gives you the ability to input a task structured lexically. It will also allow you to train various parameters involved in that task, such as object recognition and sensor calibration and gives you the ability to define your own robot configuration - all components being modularly coded. More details about the software platform can be found here.
   Good results have been achieved as far in testing pos electronic terminals in which the task involved both the visual feedback (ocr, object recognition) and the adaptability to counteract hardware errors.

CHORG software interface in the first stages of development.
Robotic software - adaptive control robotic arm control software

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