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   Why astronomy? I always had a special feeling just by being given the chance to see through this window (we call "sky") the immensity and beauty of the space - our universe. Every time I wonder at a starry sky, I imagine the immensity of the space and then I realize how little and pitiful our day-to-day problems (which most of us tent to over dramatise) mean in this huge universe. Then for a moment, I forget the selfish me, my job, my life and I just contemplate these billions of worlds sparkling in the sky. There is nothing more majestic, overwhelming, then a starry night and only gets better if you have a telescope with you.
   I built my first telescope(a refractor) when I was twelve. Needless to say my excitement when I was able see details of the moon surface or Jupiter's satellites. Then, for many years I didn't got the chance to get back in this hobby until a few years ago when I decided to buy a telescope. And so, I got a Meade LX90 reflector telescope with which I am very happy, for now ...

- telescope, cameras, accesories and software I currently use
Astrophotography Gallery
- a small collection of photos I took with my telescope
  • NEW! UniMap - automated star identification for amateur astrophotography - telescope/camera control and a lot more...
  • Telescope & Camera - Wireless Control
  • Online Astronomical Observatory
  • Cosmic Radiation Monitor
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Weather Station
  • Astrophotography Tips
  • Step by step introductory guide in astrophotography
  • In depth focusing techniques for DSLR
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